We are a New Zealand company which has emerged as an extension of a Sydney food provedore & importer supplying restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers. Established in 1991, GJ FOOD & SERVICES is a family-owned  business born of one man's passion - a French immigrant named Georges Puechberty. This heritage lives on today assisted by  his son René.

     French Fine Foods New Zealand is a natural extension of this proud tradition. In a country known for its adherence to 100% purity, pristine farmland and pernickety agricultural standards, French produce is a natural fit. As for myself, Donna Neilson, food is my lifelong passion. A career in management and freight forwarding serve as my tools that will ensure every product is delivered to you on time and in perfect condition, while a lifelong love of food serves as my driving force.  

Ingredients of success.

     The mantra of  any professional chef is that the best dishes rely on the produce. Quality products begin with the terroir which provides the foundation for the most tender poultry, flavoursome mushrooms and sweet stone fruit. Yet the foods we  haved sourced also draw heavily on skills handed down through generations to produce truly authentic Foie Gras, pâtés and confits.

      Our range of specialities includes goose fats, alcohols, coulis and salts. We also offer patisserie essentials such as pastry ingredients, speciality cake preparations and more.
     The cornerstone of the French food industry is a strict adherence to regional traditions; practices which many in today's technology-driven world may scoff at. Yet such is the rudder that has steered this nation  through revolutions and countless  centuries, helping maintain France's enviable position as a world leader in gastronomy.

Food is an international language.

     Fine food speaks to the heart. It whispers care and comfort. It breathes nourishment and nurturing. It shouts inspiration and indulgence.

     Yet fine French food touches you on a deeper emotional level. Tastes that evoke visions of unspoilt countryside; of villages cradled in lush green pastures distanced from the ravages of time.  And aromas that  inspire you like an early morning visit to a Parisian pâtisserie as it opens its doors ready for the day's trade.

Explore new frontiers of taste.

     Perhaps you're a pioneering manufacturer or food technologist looking to develop products to satisfy a lucrative market niche. Maybe a  chef seeking better ingredients with which to ply your craft. Or a hotel operator seeking to indulge your customers with new dishes. I invite you to call or email us and discuss your unique needs.  

     Then as you peruse our range, we trust you'll sense the passion for quality that has made France one of the world's most revered food producers.

A fine heritage.

​​     French Fine Foods New Zealand draws on a proud food tradition initiated by Georges Puechberty in Sydney Australia. Born in the shadow of WWII and raised in Auvergne in the south of France, a love of fine food has been an integral part of George's DNA.

​     His great grandmother ran a bistro in Paris, his mother worked front of house in the restaurant, then later George's sister & brother-in-law also ran a bistro in Paris.

     In early 1970's, Georges fell in love with an Australian woman. They married in 1972 and soon after bid Paris farewell bound for a new life in Australia. Here they started a family and gave birth to two boys.

     It wasn't long before Georges' passion for food motivated him to open a Crêperie; the first in a flurry of four profitable restaurants throughout the 80's. Such successes laid the foundations for GJ Food & services, a business dedicated to serving chefs, food distibutors and innovative manufacturers with sought-after essentials, gourmet products and carefully selected delicacies from France.

     GJ FOOD & SERVICES was the first Australian company to import semi-cooked Foie Gras from France. It was the first to import fresh wild mushrooms from France, the first importer of Sturgeon fillets and the first to re-introduce caviar into Australia after the lifting of the international trade ban in 2000.
     In recognition of George's services to food, in 2009, Georges was awarded the 'Chevalier de l’Ordre de Mérite Agricole' by the French Government which translates to Knight of Order of Agricultural Merit.  This prestigious award is second only to the 'Legion of Honour' and is awarded for outstanding contribution to agriculture. There have only ever been 340,000 awarded since its instigation in 1883, with only 23,000 alive at any given time worldwide. 

     Now French Fine Foods New Zealand continues the legacy Georges first pioneered in Australia, bringing some of France's finest culinary innovations and products to discerning palates in New Zealand. With this French Fine Foods holds the agencies for the many fine products Georges introduced to the 'New World.'
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